Dear Child, Dear Sibling,

Reborn. That’s you. That’s today. You’ve listened and believed and today you told God you accept His great gift for you. Today your actions in prayer say that you trust in Him. Do you fully understand what you’ve done?

No, you do not. I didn’t. I felt like I was hearing the most important information ever and I there was no question. I knew with certainty that I must have Jesus! I needed Him and His free gift of salvation as certainly as I needed air. But did I fully know what it would mean throughout my life. No. I believed and it was enough. It was truth. It is truth. What you do know is that you will spend eternity with our sweet Savior. You know that He loves you. You know that the Satan you randomly spit towards will never have your soul, nor your residency. What may not know is that some days you will not do the right thing, even as a Christian. You will make mistakes. You might even make BIG mistakes. They might not even be mistakes at all. In fact, they will be poor decisions, but decisions none the less. God may call you to do things that are hard. God may bring you right through the middle of hard situations. He may say no, this is not the way I will be glorified. Sometimes, you’ll be surrounded by loving brothers and sisters. Don’t take it for granted. You’re there to be filled and lift others up also. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by unloving brothers and sisters. In those moments, remember that you’re not always loving either. Give them a bit of mercy and love them right through it all. Remember that God calls us the body for a reason. Don’t leave the body. God gave us each other for a reason. There may be times that you are surrounded by those that are lost. It may be lonely, but know that your brothers and sisters are praying for you and for those lost set in your path. Even more so, know that God is with you. He will NEVER leave you, NOR forsake you. Pray without ceasing! Get to know God through His word. He wrote it for you. Don’t live life in fear. Listen to God and step out on faith.

You are a believer. You are a follower. You are a sheep (or maybe just a little lamb right now). You trust in Him. One day you might not remember the day, the moment, or how much you understood. So, I’d like to share with you what two influential people have shared. A missionary dear to me explained it similar to this: Now that you are a God believing, following, trusting, Christian, your journey matters. Learning to trust in Him more each day, following Him, glorifying Him and sharing Him so that none might perish. It’s about the journey more than the moment. Yes, there was a point of decision, but the life of a Christ follower is a lifelong journey. Maybe I should say an eternity long journey. JD Greear gives the illustration of a chair. I’m sitting right now. You’re likely sitting right now. Do you remember the moment that you decided to place faith in that piece of furniture to hold you up? I don’t. Did you take the time to fully consider the consequences if you were wrong, if it could not hold you? No? Did that make your faith in the chair any less real? No.

Believe. And ask Him to help your unbelief. He’s big enough for questions. Seek Him. Knock, and He will answer.

I love you. Love you. Love you. LOVE you! Unspeakable Joy! So glad you have God for this journey. I won’t always be there for it, and God knows all too well how short I’d come trying to fill the wrong shoes. I want to scream and shout! Hallelujah! Praise God! Welcome to my family, dear sibling. Welcome.


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