What we ask for…

I am sure that I am not the only one that gets tired, jaded, discouraged, confused, and irritated by politics. Especially in recent years, especially for the presidency, politicians have been quite guilty of losing our confidence. Living in Alabama, we have some decisions to make. We choose a ballot based on party today, on the first of March, and decide on a candidate to support with our vote. That date is upon us. My family voted. This post is not about who received of our votes. It is also not exactly about any particular candidate, however, I will say that I agree most definitely with Max Lucado with his decency test, Russell Moore, and others who have voiced concern over a candidate who’s actions show that of a hate monger, flip flop stances, and “Christianity” that somehow does not require forgiveness of sins.

On a barely related note, I love the perspective John Piper brought to the table:

“My rising energy has nothing to do with their policies or character. It has to do with the incredible fact that all of them want to spend their 70s doing the hardest job in the world.”

Clinton, 68, Trump, 69 and Sanders, 74, are all pursuing the highest office in the land past the typical age of retirement — something that Piper finds highly motivating. “That makes it all the more inspiring for me,” he writes, “because nothing gets me more excited than spending my 70s spreading a passion for the glory of Christ and His Word.”

I’m not voting for any of those candidates, but I can respect just what Piper pointed out, that it is commendable that they’re spending what could be retirement years pursuing “the hardest job in the world.” So, back on track…

After reading Max Lucado’s Decency Test a few days ago, I was reminded of Saul and Samuel in the Bible. God’s people up to that point had never had a king. All of the kingdoms around them had kings. Instead of trusting God’s way, they asked for a king like everyone else.

At this point I tend to imagine a child who sees all of the kids around them with this or that. The child decides that they really, REALLY need what the other children each have. They ask the parent and sometimes the answer is no, but sometimes the parent says yes. The child receives what they’ve asked for and realize they really didn’t need it as much as they thought, or regret asking for it or at least not giving it more consideration.

Back to 1 Samuel. The people asked, and God answered. He literally gave them “asked for“… SAUL. Saul was not the strong King they thought they wanted, nor the candidate we would’ve voted for. Sometimes we must learn by suffering through what we ask for.

With less than an hour left to place your vote, pray about the elections, ask yourself

Who are we asking for?

and VOTE! There’s still time. Get to those polls.


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