VBS 2014 Day 2

To my fellow believers, my brothers and sisters in Christ:

Today is day two of VBS! This is a popular week for VBS, so let’s remember in the midst of our work, others.

Yesterday was a great day! Our air is down at the house and I lost my keys for a while, but Satan will have to work harder than that. Our little one was great in her class. Our Red Whales are super! Felt prayers lifted up!

I’d like to continue to ask for prayers. Pray for angel armies around these kids and everyone involved this week as God works in and through us, and at times despite us. Prayers needed for extra energy and patience, grace and mercy – given and received.

I could feel the prayers as I woke yesterday in less pain. God gives me just what I need, because He knows what’s just best for me. Gotta say between the busy morning, a stop at the grocery store, and the air out at home, I was so exhausted last night. Had me wondering how many years I’ll be able to continue with VBS. Truth is, I don’t know the future. I could be fully healed tomorrow or in a wheelchair, if alive here at all. I’m going to focus on what God calls me towards right in front of me. That’s what He allows me to see!

I’m reminded that my dear nephew would be in a Rising K class if he were at our church. Though these kids aren’t my Sam that I miss so much (side note: prayers please for my two nephews – their dad, mom, grandparents), they are someone’s niece, nephew, son, daughter. I’m am renewed with the day ready to love on these kids!

I’m so glad that each daily lesson of our curriculum is about God’s love (Gospel Light’s SonTreasure Island)! Isn’t that the truth! It’s all about His Love! How are you showing His love in your actions, words, time and money today?

VBS or not, let’s go out and shine His Love to a world who is dying without it!


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