In a Quick Moment…


I was reminded today that three years ago my brother had an accident at work. He smashed his finger, severing part of it. They made it quickly to the hospital and were able to sew his finger back on to his hand. It was likely that he wouldn’t regain full feeling, but things were looking good for his finger. It was possible even that he would regain some of the feeling. You would never imagine that he would soon be fighting for his life… from a finger injury! There was a strange infection. It wasn’t responding to the antibiotic plans they were trying. It was a very long week and a very dangerous situation. He was close to death with a baby and wife at home.

There have been other times during my life that… very unexpectedly and quite suddenly the other side of eternity has been quite close, for him, my sister and others in my life – probably even myself. Sometimes we do not even realize how close we have come.

Yesterday, this served as a reminder, that almost brought me to tears.

It reminded me of how quickly things can change! It wasn’t remembering his dangerous situation that had me emotional though. It reminded me that my God is so full of mercy, grace, and love. It reminded me that He is in control. He’s got this!

God loves us. He wants to be reunited with us. Christ has made this possible! As a Christian, I have the powerful Holy Spirit within me. I have a hope like no other. And I don’t have to fear death. If my brother had died this time three years ago, it would have been a great loss to many. It would have been gain for my dear, dear brother, though.

I can trust that God wants His best for me, and that, while I may not understand, God loves me, cares for me, rejoicing with and weeping with me as I go through this world that is not my home.

Let’s fill our hearts and minds with things that remind us continually of God’s grace, mercy, peace and love!

I love you, my super little brother!


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