A Children’s Craft: 1 John 4:7


I teach preschoolers on a regular basis (older four year olds every other Sunday and three year olds each Wednesday in the spring semester for Mission Friends). It can be challenging. But I tell you, it’s so rewarding – even when challenging (in fact, the few days I’m tired and not as excited about it are sometimes the most meaningful)! I have a group that doesn’t like to color this year with the four year olds on Sundays. It is a group of mostly boys. We have some creative kids though. They may not color, but some really get involved in drawing. It has been fun finding creative ways to connect them and their creativity to the Bible Stories.

This week our story comes from the book of Mark. In the account, children are brought to Christ only to be turned away by His followers. He stops them though and tells them to let the children come to Him. He loves the children. He shows them that love with His time and attention.

Because Christ loves us, we want to show others love too. Our craft was inspired by this that I saw on Pinterest:

First I did a little prep work…


I cut/tore sheets into quarters, folded the quarter sheet, and drew a line (half of a heart) for the children to cut (I like projects that include cutting for this age because the practice helps, and you come along some who haven’t even learned to hold scissors yet, much less cut a curved line. This gives them the much needed experience with patient supervision).


Next I wrote our Bible verse for the next few Sundays, 1 John 4:7, on the inside. I could have let them try this out, but I really don’t think we have time for approximately ten children to cut and write the verse as well as stamp.

Now that the prep is done, I’ll show you what the class will be doing:


First they will each cut out their hearts.


While you cannot clearly see the stamp pad in the photo, I’m inking my thumb on an acid free non toxic stamp pad that washes off hands easily!


Then we will come around with an ink pad, allowing them to make hearts with their thumb prints.


And finally, we cannot forget to write names on the back.


This activity was pretty successful. I prepped some ahead of time and then when arriving asked the preschoolers each which color sheet they would like out of the three colors I provided. I made a couple more quickly in the colors needed (we had a full room of 11 children). I went ahead and wrote on the back side the name year and Bible Story location. We cut the hearts, and only 2 or 3 out of the eleven needed help with their hearts (but they were so excited to show their family their hearts they cut out!). Then as we went around stamping the thumb hearts, we let the children draw on the hearts. Two or three did not want to stamp, which was no big deal. We didn’t make them. Some of the thumb hearts were more successful that others, but one thing I’ve learned to do is not sweat the details. While it’s good to plan, plans won’t always work perfectly and you must go with the flow to an extent.

During our activity, I urged them to give them away to someone to show them love as Jesus showed the children love. Some gave them to parents, and others big brothers or sisters. I want to strive to be very intentional with the stories we teach the children, teaching them that love comes from Jesus. We can love, because He loves us. It is all about Jesus. It’s all about the gospel.

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