Love God, Serve Others. Merry Christmas!

My LO in her new AU outfit - they out grow things so fast - especially my tall little one

My big girl in her new AU outfit (especially for the game tonight)

In her three Christmas’s, our little girl has never seen snow during the Christmas season. But, when I told her it was snowing this morning, she said Merry Christmas!

While she’s not correct (that snow equals Christmas, and Christmas, snow – especially in AL), if it meant that we would be more often reminded of the salvation that came with Christ, leave us in fearful awesome amazement and wonder – joining in with the angels praising Him, I say bring on the snow!

(Though I do hope for my, and other’s, joints that there’s a warm place, warm layers, and/or no extreme cold with the snow if we have it more often)

Please take a moment to think of those without a warm place and see if there’s anything you can do for them? And definitely pray for them – the homeless, those with no power, those with no heat, those elderly who may have a difficult time with the fireplace these days…

Suggestions for ways you (and your family) can creatively serve those in need, with the precious love of God. Go…


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