Children’s Christmas Books

Last year I saw, probably on Pinterest, the idea of wrapping Christmas books to have the children unwrap one a day and read them each night (or something like that). I decided then that I wanted to do this with my daughter (last Christmas she was 15 months old) and any other children that may come. Thanks to the lovely women in my family, our little girl/our family grew our collection of Christmas books a lot last Christmas. I decided that instead of packing them away with Christmas items, we would make a place for them in our guest room/library/anything from HS and college room. Pulling them off the shelf this year, I think I’ve already decided that we won’t be wrapping them each year, but we could choose a new book each day to read or read some over and over. I’ll let them decide, to an extent.


What are some books you love for your children? I have a huge stack so I’ll try to review some more this month. Tell me your favs (or your children’s) in the comments (to get there, just scroll to the top this post and click on the number with a parentheses).

This morning my daughter pulled the sleeve of “Little Golden Books” out of the stack in the rocking chair and had me read, “The Animals’ Christmas Eve” written by Gale Wiersum. I think that I enjoyed it more than her, as she wasn’t very attentive this morning (perhaps later). The animals recall Christ’s birth from traveling to Bethleham to the star and wise men and the angels and shepherds. It also subtly reinforces counting and places the idea of learning the story so that they can share it next year. I was definitely a fan of this book!


3 thoughts on “Children’s Christmas Books

  1. A new book fresh off the press that I can’t wait to get my hands on is called Angel on my Shoulder by Tonya R. Adams ( I look forward to the chance to look over it and maybe give a review of it here. The author even has a facebook page showing ways that they’ve incorporated the book into their lives and taught their children to serve others with love ( Now I want to check in and see when it should arrive!

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