I am very scattered right now. I always am a bit though. I’d love to say it isn’t me and that there’s some great reason like a little one in my tummy, but it just isn’t so.

I really want to post today, as I have not posted this week. In fact, I haven’t published any thing since before Thanksgiving.

I have so many things to share in so many topics on my heart and mind, but my mind is just not focused. There are too many things floating around, including the fact that I’ve got to get my clothes washed and things packed to go home (been visiting my family but I’m on my way back).

What should we do when we are not very focused? Look to the one who can focus us! There are a few things that have been helpful tools and directed me to God’s Holy Word.

If you’ve never heard of Sarah Young, it is time that you hear. My mom first introduced me to “Jesus Calling“.  And, she now has a couple other devotional books out now that I would like to try sometime (our women’s ministry leader first made me aware of those – she absolutely rocks!). So, check Young and her books out.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a devotional app on your phone, this next thing I am sharing is a great one! And it’s free. This app is by John Piper and it is called the John Piper Daily Devotional. For me though, all you have to say is John Piper and I imagine it’s worth checking out. It includes an easy way to share by email or facebook, maybe even twitter (I don’t recall), and you can set a reminder to read.

In fact, Desiring God has an ebook available right now for Advent that you can download to your phone, tablet or computer. You could print it even I suppose. It is called, Good News of Great Joy.

Speaking of apps and Advent, there’s an advent app that you can use with your family. I’ve enjoyed it, even though our little one is not quite there yet – sitting and paying attention, answering questions, and all (but she likes singing and praying, if it’s short – especially if it’s a song). It is called, The Expected One. It comes from Church at Brook Hills, written by one of their elders, Scott James.

I’ll go back to the topic of Sarah Young and share another app that is good and free for a few days (and them you’ll need to decide if it is something you’ll use or if you should get the printed devotional), is the mobile version of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. You can set it to remind you to read.

I have NOT read this next devotional, but I’ve heard our women’s ministry leader share from  it/mention it and I am looking forward to checking it and the author out. Her name is Ann Voskamp and the devotional of which I’m speaking (or writing rather) is, One Thousand Gifts Devotional.

There are also a couple email devotionals in which I subscribe: Proverbs31 daily devotion and NACR Daily Meditation.

Are you starting to see how scattered I am? I have variety though, right?

Here’s a Bible app that I think is pretty great so far for my little girl… It’s called Bible for Kids. It’s easy enough to remember. If you’ve seen some of the other free apps out there, they make this one look great! And, it is pretty good!

Do any of  you have suggestions for devotional books, reading plans, formats for quiet time, apps, etc that you would like to share with us? Post them in the comments!

Do any of you have suggestions for family worship time with a two year old. I want to include things to let her participate, but the most I’ve been able to do is read Bible stories to her separately and then when we are about to pray we discuss things that she’s happy she has, like a blanket, or her “MaiMai” (that’s my mom), we tell her those are blessings – things God gave her, and then we tell her we are going to talk to God and thank Him for these things and we sing the prayer she and I learned in our Preschool dept. at church, “God our Father, God our Father, We give thanks, We give thanks, For our many blessings, For our many blessings, Amen, Amen.” She usually claps and “Yea”s afterwards. One day she will get it. I’d like to continue this and maybe do more, CONSISTENTLY. Only with God’s help! After all, our most important job as a parent is teaching them God’s love!

So, what suggestions ya got?


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