Today is 11/12/13. It’s a cool date. If I was master of my universe, I would be giving birth to our second child. You see, our first child’s birth date is 09-10-11. It’s cool, right?!    09-10-11   11-12-13    But God Knew better, best in fact! He knew that today, on the twelfth of November in 2013 I’d be busy comforting my little one after two pups jumped on her, lightly scratching her face, taking it easy on my right arm (yesterday was a bad day as far as those joints were concerned), and waiting to hear from my hubby to find out when he flies out to Texas, to be gone for up to three months! It would not be a good day for me to be in the hospital with a second little one. I could go on and on about my little day dreams, my little what if’s, but they are just that, whims, and God has my best in mind. If we have no more kids and can never adopt, His plans are still best. If I lost our little girl tomorrow, or today even {gulp}, or my husband or any other loved one, I would praise Him through the tears and bawling, knowing only He can comfort me, and that in all His glory, He wants His best for me.

Ya know, Satan is a snake! While reading a touching story about someone going through a tough scary time with a child and God’s miracle in the situation I was reminded of some scary moments with our daughter throughout the pregnancy and first year or two of her life and of that great perfect peace during those times. While remembering, I could feel Satan trying to twist that, telling me I couldn’t share those experiences because of that peace, that it wouldn’t help or encourage, or be relatable, but would serve only to draw attention to myself and how “holy” I am (the gall he has!), but Satan is wrong!!! It is a testimony to God’s love and peace and reassurances, not me. God is the story, just as He was in the story I was reading that reminded me of my own God story of our first little one…

Thank you to the lovely, super cool woman who God has placed along my path, Bobi Ann, who agreed to me adding a link to her guest post article titled, Nolan’s Story! (And thank you to the talented Ashley for sharing her story through Bobi Ann’s blog.

So, go on and check it out! Just click on Nolan’s Story above. I’ll be sure to share my “God Story” of our little girl soon. He is good!

One thought on “11.12.13

  1. I just happened upon your blog and I think it is lovely. Satan is a snake, but he is under your feet. Keep sharing whatever God lays on your heart. If we all shared we would see how Great God is on a broader scale for not giving us the things we want and making us surrender to his will. Because he knows best in all situations. 🙂

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